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2X More Power. 10X More Starts. 5X Longer Life.

NOCO Lithium NLP14/NLP20/NLP30 12V Lithium Powersport Batteries. 

The most highly-designed and engineered lithium powersport battery series ever. The NLP series is better than lead-acid powersport batteries in almost every way - no sulfation, no activation, no acid, no maintenance, and no water needed. They are designed to withstand 50,000 start cycles and 2,000 charge cycles, making them the highest performing and longest-lasting batteries for any motorcycle.

  • 500-700A depending on the battery model!
  • Super lightweight
  • A removable mounting block allows the battery to fit more applications. The threaded insert enables direct-mounting for additional simplicity and security.
  • Modular mounting spacers can be stacked and attached to the NLP batteries to alter the BCI size enabling the battery to be safely and securely mounted.
  • Utilizing the foremost progressed rapid-charge innovation, it gives sufficient starting power within 5-minutes of charge.
  • A multi-terminal arrangement that permits front, side, beat, and female establishments.
  • Built in BMS protects against over-charge, over-discharge, over current, short circuit and extreme temperatures
  • 5 year manufacture limited warranty! Be sure to register it on their site!


If you currently have an FXR and are currently running a 16 battery, the NLP20 battery will work as long as you are running our Terry Components Battery Cable Kit as the NOCO positive and negative posts are reversed compared to an original lead-acid battery. Click here for our Noco FXR battery cable kit!

Lithium Motorcycle Battery Pros

  • Lithium motorcycle batteries have a power density 3 to 4 times higher than lead acid, therefore the battery can be much lighter, often 25% of the weight of a lead-acid equivalent
  • Lithium batteries don’t contain any acid and therefore can’t leak
  • They have a cranking power 3 to 4 times that of a lead acid battery. Its recommended to "warm up" the battery by turning on some accessories or lights for ~30 seconds prior to starting. Especially in cold weather.
  • Lithium batteries have a lower self-discharge rate compared to lead-acid batteries, roughly 3-5% per month. However a tender is HIGHLY recommened to prolong the life of the battery. Click here for a Noco tender!
  • Lithium batteries charge faster than a standard battery (roughly 3 hours compared to 12 hours for a standard)
  • Lithium batteries can last between 5 to 10 years, compared to 2 to 3 for a lead-acid, making them far better value for money

Noco chargers, pigtails & adapters available here!

NLP14 replaces battery sizes: BTZ10S, BT12A-BS, BTZ12S, BTX12-BS, BTZ14S, BTX14, BTX14-BS, BT14B-4, BTX16-BS, BTX16-BS-1, B16A-AB, BTX20CH-BS, ETX12, ETX14, ETX14L, GYZ16H, HYB16A-AB, YTZ10S, YTX12, YTZ12S, YT12A-BS, YTX12-BS, YTX14, YTX14-BS, YTX14H, YTZ14S, YTX14H-BS, YTX16-BS, YTX16-BS-1, YTX20CH, YTX20CH-BS, and KMX14-BS

NLP20 replaces battery sizes: OEM 65989-97E , B16L-B, B16CL-B, B18L-A, BTX15L, BTX15L-BS, BTX20L, BTX20LBS, BTZ20L, BTX20HL-BS, B50-N18L-A3, ETX16, ETX16L, ETX20L, GYZ20L, GYZ20HL, YTX15L, YTX15L-BS, YB16HL-A-CX, YB16L-B, YB16CL-B, SYB16L-B, YTX20HL, YIX20HL, YTX20HL-PW, YTX20HL-BS, YTX20HL-BS-PW, YIX20HL-BS, YTX20L, YTX20L-BS, and Y50-N18L-A3.

NLP30 replaces battery sizes: OEM 66010-97E, BTX30L, BTX30L-BS, EXT30L, GYZ32HL, YIX30L, and YIX30L-BS.