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Ramjet Racing Now Offers Financing!

Do you have some unexpected repairs? Some much needed maintenance? Maybe you just want to make some changes to your ride or get those long awaited performance upgrades! We can help!


Multiple finance options are available, even with bad or no credit!
We have partnered with Mountain America Credit Union® to offer you affordable solution. This is not your typical high interest short term loan that penalizes your for paying it of early like most retail or repair facilities offer. With Mountain America, you can frequent brick and motor locations for payments and or assistance after your account is set up, speak to real representatives, pick from multiple loan options that suite your needs, and access online portal for updates, payments, etc...
Credit Card (recommended)
  • Quick and easy financing provided by Mountain America Credit Union and OnSpot Financing. Apply in person and receive a decision in minutes, over the phone or apply online (LINK BELOW Enter provider ID number "480492" ) 
  • Card can be used anywhere!
    • No early payoff fees or penalties
    • VERY LOW monthly payments
    • No Risk, if approved you are NOT required to accept
    • Funds available within days to start job or purchase parts 
    • Physical card will be mailed within 7-10 days business days VIA Mountain America Credit Union
    • As you pay, balance becomes available!
    • Card limit is for the full approved amount, which can be up to $40,000
    • ZERO down
Term Loan: 
  • Cut and dry
  • Consistent minimum payment amount
  • No Risk, if approved you are NOT required to accept
  • No early payoff fees or penalties
  • Approvals up to $40,000
  • ZERO down

You will need to enter our provider ID number " 480492 " for Ramjet Racing


  • Always shoot high for requested amount
  • We recommend always selecting the CREDIT CARD option. It will give you the best rates, highest approval amount & will help build your credit!
  • After approved amount is provided, you choose the amount to spend and are NOT required to if you choose not to proceed.
  • Not sure what to ask for? Call or email us for a quote!
  • Need to budget? Minimum monthly payment is ONLY about 2.5% of balance 


Term Loan: 
Fixed monthly payments (amount financed / term length + interest)
  • Consistent minimum payment amount
  • Get approved from $300-$3000!
  • Have bad credit or none at all? That's okay, you can still be approved!
  • NO early payoff fees or penalties!
  • ZERO down!
  • Higher rates after 100 Days
  • Previous Snap Customers are Pre-Approved