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COST EFFECTIVE Harley Brake Upgrade, coming to a stop!

COST EFFECTIVE Harley Brake Upgrade, coming to a stop!

When it comes to your motorcycle your brakes play a crucial role. They may slow you down, but as it turns out that's pretty important! So whether you're needing to control that entry speed into that corner, headed down some hairpin turns, or flat out coming to a complete stop, you'll want confidence in your brakes that they'll do their job.

Massively improve your stopping power for a fraction of the cost!

 Let's face it, your OEM brakes are designed with the intent of slowing you down, and that's where it ends. Though if you find that you push your motorcycle harder than most do, your stock set-up can easily be overworked. And this can be a serious problem, even dangerous if your brakes aren't doing their job.

Let's talk about it-

Brake upgrades and upgrade kits can be one of the most expensive modifications you can do to your motorcycle. Not to mention if you've already got some investment into a higher outputting motor. Needless to say, we've got one of the best solutions which will give you a massive increase in stopping power, for the best price all together. 

If you weren't already aware, the stock brakes on 2008 and newer Harley-Davidson touring models are in fact, Brembo calipers! With a 4 piston design, these calipers MASSIVELY increase braking performance. As well as better product availability, you can come across these calipers brand new or used, just about anywhere. These calipers are a direct bolt on to many other Harley-Davidson models, but for those that aren't available, we've created solutions for those bikes as well.

Ramjet Racing Brembo front caliper adapter brackets

We've designed these brackets to fit 1999 and older fork legs. These brackets will allow you to mount 08' and up Harley-Davidson touring Brembo calipers. These will work with stock wheels, lower forks, and best of all, 11.5" rotors (Factory Size)!

This is a massively cost effective solution for even better braking performance.

When installing these brake calipers we have a couple of recommendations, (Especially if they're used)

  • Be sure to verify your brake fluid requirements when using these calipers.
  • You may need longer lower brake lines!
    • As a part of designing these adapter brackets, we've ensured to keep proper rotor protrusion in mind. This means that with the design, these brackets give a different offset, which the OE brake lines may not be long enough to be properly installed and plumbed onto the calipers.
  • These 2008 and newer Brembo calipers run DOT 4 brake fluid, which IS NOT compatible with the DOT 5 fluid which is used in earlier model applications.
    • We have some simple solutions for this issue, just reach out to us for some help!

Ramjet Racing Brembo rear caliper bracket for FXR models

With the success of our front caliper adapter brackets, a few years ago we decided to start working on a similar upgrade offering the same solutions for the rear of your FXR, after some delays our Ramjet rear Brembo caliper bracket kit for FXR models is finally available!

This kit allows for the use of a 2008 and newer rear, Harley Touring Brembo caliper on your FXR!

Designed for 11.5" rotors (Factory Size), this is a direct bolt-on kit! which will replace your OEM bracket, as well as your left-side wheel spacer. The left side spacer is the factory width BUT a larger O.D. on the swingarm side to prevent swing arm damage or crush with its large surface area.

Our bracket uses the 08' and newer style touring caliper bumper for a snug fit and dampening to the swingarm. This bracket kit will be offered in gloss black or raw finish with a ball-milled Ramjet logo. The gloss black kit will include a gloss black spacer.

We have found that in some instances, certain floating rotors are known to contact the caliper body. There's a few ways around this!


  • Slightly clearancing the caliper body has worked for some applications
    • We HIGHLY recommend mocking up all components prior to final installation to verify if clearancing will solve your issue
  • With these calipers being a newer style, they also run DOT 4 brake fluid, which IS NOT compatible with the DOT 5 fluid, used in these earlier applications
    • We have solutions for this, just reach out to us for some help!


And with that, you now know how you can massively improve your stopping power without breaking the bank. As we've mentioned before, your brakes play a crucial role with your motorcycle. We've talked about a few options for upgrades, and how you can do it yourself. At any point, feel free to contact the experts at Ramjet Racing for some prompt advice and help!

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