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by S&S
Excellent choice for states with someone who wants a street legal and emissions legal performance engine!  We've been installing these engines for years and have had an excellent experience!

Now offering a flat rate $250 freight truck service! (Contiguous-US only) or Free in store pick up! Delivery for business addresses only. For residential delivery options please call or email the shop! 602-788-0364,
Complete assembled engines : Includes S&S Super E carb, manifold & air cleaner installed! Also includes S&S Super Stock ignition model.
  • Exempt from emissions tampering regulations under CARB EO# D-355-5 when used in 1984-1998 carbureted, non-catalyst, big twin powered models
  • 96" Displacement 
  • 3 5/8" Bore 
  • 4 5/8" Stroke
  • S&S 520 Camshaft 
  • S&S Forged Pistons
  • Compression Ratio 10.1:1
  • S&S Super E carburetor
  • Super Stock® Ignition
  • Classic Teardrop Air Cleaner
  • S&S Forged Roller Rockers
  • S&S Chrome Rocker Covers
  • Documentation and Compliance stickers included
  • Compatible with EFI or carburetors (Crank position port on front of engine)
  • For 1984-1999 Evo style models & 1970-1999 custom chassis with alternator style primary
  • Two year warranty
  • Includes a MSO
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Installation notes & requirements

  • S&S Replacement Engines are legal for use in all 50-States as replacement engines in 1970-1998 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles originally equipped with a carbureted, non-catalyst, big twin engine.
  • In order to meet California Smog Check Program requirements, a manufacturer’s identification/tuning label must be permanently affixed to the vehicle in a clearly visible location. This label is included with each S&S Replacement Engine and must be applied to a non-removable part of the chassis such as a frame tube.
  • S&S Replacement Engines are supplied with a special carbon impregnated air filter element to prevent fuel vapor from entering the atmosphere while the engine is shut off and must be used. Filter service requirements are described in the S&S Replacement Engine Owner’s Manual.
  • The motorcycle must be equipped with the original Harley-Davidson® evaporative canister and the evaporative system hose routing must conform to the “Evaporative Hose Routing Diagram” provided in this manual.
  • The stock OEM Harley-Davidson® exhaust system or equivalent must be used.
  • Some S&S Engines may be configured to allow crankcase pressure to exit via the crankcase and/or cylinder head vents. S&S Replacement Engines must only utilize cylinder head venting. 
  • The camshaft supplied in S&S Replacement Engines is of proprietary S&S design. This camshaft has been designed to allow the engine to meet exhaust emission standards. Substitution of a camshaft with different specifications is not permitted and would be in violation of the Clean Air Act and California State Law. 
  • S&S 3 5/8” bore engines come equipped with an S&S Super Stock® ignition system that is preset at the factory. Breaking the tamper proof seal will void the warranty on the engine. 
  • The Super Stock ignition system requires the use of a 3 OHM single-fire coil like the S&S coil PN 55-1571.
  • The carburetor supplied with S&S Replacement Engines is not to be adjusted. For service requirements, contact S&S Cycle Technical Services, 608-627-1497. The tuning instructions described in S&S Carburetor Instruction PN 51-1012 do not apply to carburetors supplied with S&S Replacement Engines. More specific information can be found in your S&S Replacement Engine Owners manual. 
  • The carburetors included with S&S Replacement Engines are butterfly type carburetors with a preset idle mixture screw and preset midrange and high speed jets. The carburetors also feature an accelerator pump and variable fast idle device for improved throttle response, engine starting, and warm ups. The Super E carburetor has a 17⁄8" (47.6mm) bore at the butterfly and a 19⁄16" (39.6mm) venturi.

Click here for the instructions / owners manual