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by S&S


  • For use with spigot style carburetors 40mm-48mm (Harley CV, Mikuni HSR, etc.)
  • For use with stock or S&S heads
  • Recommended to use with S&S flanges and seals
  • Must use S&S U-ring seal appropriate for your carburetor size! Will not work with factory U-ring
  • Size number 410

Fitment :

  • '99-'06 Twin cams (Except '06 Dyna) *With MAP sensor hole*
  • '84-'99 Evolution *No MAP sensor hole*
  • New generation S&S V111 engines (Complete or long blocks) & previous generation S&S V111 Long blocks (Not complete)


  • Early Twin cam & Evolution engines intake manifolds will fit each other. They have the same spread size of 410. The only difference is Twin cams use a MAP sensor. MAP sensor hole plugs are available from S&S if you need to block it off. 
  • The use of S&S flanges and seals are recommended. S&S seals are slightly thinner to accommodate the slightly larger intake runner port. S&S flanges are shaped for their special profiled seals
  • The Evo style manifold will also fit new generation S&S V111 engines, Both Long block and complete. It will also fit the previous generation V111 Long block only! The previous generation V111 Complete engine came with a 398 sized manifold. Not sure which generation you have? Use S&S engine serial look up for information!