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Rekluse's NEW TorqDrive Clutch kit is the best drop-in clutch system on the market. Clutches require friction to grab to engage and grab. This happens through friction and spring pressure. To increase clutch performance you need to increase the friction from the discs by using a better material, more of it, or a better fluid along with more pressure for grip. Due to the thickness of clutch plates you are typically limited on how many you can fit without changing the stack height and a stiffer spring applies more pressure but also make it much more difficult to compress which translates to a difficult lever pull. 

Rekluse was able to solve the problem by using a steel disc for friction discs rather than thicker aluminum plates and using a better kevlar material which is thinner allowing 6 more plates! This nearly doubles your surface area AND allows you to retain a stock strength spring, not using a super stiff spring making the lever pull uncomfortable.

More frictions = more torque capacity thus unlocking the full power of your engine without the need to add stiffer pressure plate springs or a lock-up device.  Proven in racing at the highest levels, it’s not just good, it’s rEvolutionary.

  • Plus 6 friction disks offers up to 50% stronger clutch engagement with no increase in lever effort
  • Smoother shifting
  • Improved lever feel
  • Engineered to eliminate slip and tunable to handle high horsepower engines
  • Steel core friction disks for improved heat dissipation and longer clutch life
  • Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching
  • Fits 98' - 17' Big Twins (Except HD Models w/ HD Slipper/Assist Clutch)


Ramjet Racing recommends an ATF fluid and not conventional or synthetic Harley primary lubricants.