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Thunderheader and FXRs just go together, they are practically symbolic of one another. However, the bracketry included is nothing to be proud of. The exhaust system is mounted to a rubber-mounted powertrain then mounted to the frame with a rubber mount, a flat strap of steel, and a little p-clamp. We're not dogging our friends at Thunderheader, the setup worked for a long time and it’s an inexpensive solution. However, it doesn't look good, the p-clamp wears on your frame, creates clearance issues with the swing arm when running taller shocks, and frankly just doesn't work that well.

We've been making brackets like these, making custom pipes, or just chopping Thunderheaders for years. Due to the demand, we decided to produce them and help save our fellow FXR enthusiasts a bunch of headaches.

THESE BRACKETS ARE GUARANTEED NOT TO BREAK! If it does, send it back. All the tabs are made from .250" stainless, with .120" wall 3/4" DOM stainless tubing, plugged and hand tig welded with all American made steel. The kits include a .250" thick dog bone to slide in the back of the pipe, so you do not have to deal with shitty t-bolts or overly long studs to scratch up your swingarm. These are bent to flow with the angle of the pipe, so you can't see the bracket from the front and gives room for multiple routing options for the rear master reservoir hose.

Fits 87' and up FXR models with mid controls (#1016 Thunderheader only). (87'-88' Models may need to remove starter support lug from transmission trap door). We do offer them for aftermarket transmissions that may have thicker/different trap doors. Just reach out to us and we'll get the details to make you the one you'll need for your transmission.


Available in Raw, Gloss Black or Chrome. Please allow 3 weeks for Gloss Black, and 5 weeks for chrome.


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