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Thunderheaders are a popular pipe for a lot of reasons, power gains, sound, looks and let’s face it they just seem to go hand and hand with the Harley-Davidson Dyna. We've been selling Thunderheader products for nearly 30 years. Since the #1026 came out for 1999' - 2005' Dyna models, they've sold like crazy, but the brackets provided were notorious for breaking, and they still are after multiple revisions. Rather than spending $130 on a replacement bracket, or if you’re in the market for a new system, solve the problem permanently with one of our exhaust brackets that are GUARANTEED not to break. If it does, send it back and we'll replace it.

All the tabs are made from .250" stainless, with .120" wall 3/4" DOM stainless tubing, plugged and hand tig welded with all American made steel. The kits include a .250" thick dog bone to slide in the back of the pipe, so you do not have to deal with crappy t-bolts or overly long studs to scratch up your swing arm or just give a hideous appearance. These are bent to flow with the angle of the pipe, so you can't see the bracket from the front.Fits 99'-05' Dyna models (#1026/b Thunderheader).

Available in Raw or Gloss Black