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Tuning Simplicity with a Carburetor is unheard of. If you've ever sat down and tried to tune your carburetor to idle just right, or get power where you want it- You know just how many beers and hours it can take. Well, screw in-depth tuning, removing the carb multiple times to swap jets of make needle adjustments.  Take it from Lectron, who has been manufacturing high-performance fuel systems in the United States since 1974.

Tuning Simplicity: The metering rod eliminates the need for jetting, and automatically compensates for a wide range of elevation and temperature changes using air density and fuel lift. This means less time tuning and more time riding. 

Adjustability: Lectron carbs are the only metering rod fuel systems with two or more circuits. This means there are no harsh transitions while still having two independently adjustable circuits from the bottom end and top end. This allows you to run leaner metering rod profiles for crisp response off idle, while still making massive peak HP numbers. 

Better Fuel Atomization: The metering rod delivers fuel in much finer particles than a jet. This creates a much more efficient and even burn which helps make more power, uses less fuel, decreases emissions, and helps prevent fouling spark plugs. 

Adjustable Fuel Screw: The fuel screw is an externally adjustable circuit that works with an idle screw to achieve the proper AFR at and immediately off idle. It is the main adjustment for low and closed throttle positions. This feature allows Harleys to idle low and consistently. It is also helpful when adding basic modifications like a higher flowing air filter or after-market pipes that could create a lean condition like popping on decel. If that happens, you simply open your fuel screw!

The Best Throttle Response: Lectrons use smooth, tapered bores matched to each application to create excellent throttle response without limiting peak flow numbers and giving up horsepower. Unlike a compromised keyhole design, Lectron carburetors are designed to flow the most air across the widest throttle range with extremely high velocity and precision.

No Accelerator Pump: Lectrons is the only carburetor with the fuel pickup tube on the engine side of the slide. That means the pickup tube is always under vacuum and full of fuel. Adjusting float height and tuning accelerator pumps for throttle response is a thing of the past.


  • - Harley Carb with our Gen II idle circuit.
  • - 33" Barnett Throttle Cable w/ adapters for snap-in ('96+) or thread-in ('95 & earlier) throttle housings (See image, 33" is measurement "A" or casing length). Alternative length cables available here!
  • - 3 Bolt Air Filter Adapter (Accepts S&S & Harley CV/Delphi EFI Bolt Patterns)
  • - 2 Bolt Manifold Adapter (For Flange Style Manifolds)
  • - Metering Rod Adjustment Tool
  • - Shims For Backing Plate Spacing/Alignment


  • HD 400 kits include an adapter to work with S&S Super G manifolds. However we recommend a spigot style for better clearance on fuel tanks. Spigot/push-in manifolds are available. We do stock them please contact us to order.
  • Bikes with larger displacement (100"+) or high-performance engines should use HD 400 Kits. Bikes with less than 100" engines should use Billetron kit


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