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At FXR Division, we're always doing things that are a little outside the box. The ORIGINAL FXR Division Split Angle Bars are OFTEN Imitated NEVER Duplicated... So Don't Be Fooled by Imitation Variations and Copies!!!

The FXR Division Split Angle T Bars are offered in:

  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"

Finished in High Gloss Black Powder Coat… RAW Finish is also available upon request. 

In addition to giving you great looks, performance, and comfort, these bars are some of the easiest to internally wire! All of our bars work with Throttle By Wire OR Standard Throttle Cable Assembly.

Our FXR Division Split Angle and FXR Division MX Angle Bars are made with a 12 Degree Wrist Angle… as we have done the R&D and found this to be the most Natural Wrist Position and offers not only the MOST Comfortable Position while your hands are resting on Your Bars, but offers Performance as well… This is NOT Pullback as Pullback is in the Riser… Our “G Series” Bars offer a 1” Pullback in the Rise.

To ensure Maximum Strength, we manufacture all of our bars from 1.250 X .125 steel tubing and DOUBLE Stacked .750 DOM Supports for added Strength and Structural Integrity. All FXR Division bars go through our rigorous quality control process before they leave the shop. 

  • 12” FXR Division Split Angle Bars DO NOT Require extending cables and/or lines… Your Stock Cables should work just fine!!!
  • 14” FXR Division Split Angle Bars… while we have had customers able to install WITHOUT extending Cables or Wires… it may not always be the case.


Don't forget to get a set of NEW Handlebar Bushings to go with your bars!

We normally DO NOT stock bars over 16”… they are Made To Order and may take a little bit longer to manufacture and ship… Orders for Bars over 16” WILL BE subject to a 20% Cancellation Fee if order is cancelled after 7 Days from the Date the Order was placed


Due to high demand, this product is currently on a 2-4 week lead time.