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Great cost effective solution.

The stock adjuster plates are a thin soft material backing plate is also prone to failure. When these plates fail or dent in, the bolt never properly seats and loosens back up. This will then leave the axle improperly adjusted causing driveline misalignment, handling conditions and potential damage to other components.

This kit includes a sold steel axle block that replacing the eyelet will fill the whole swing arm and preventing damage to the swing arm after axle torque. The rear plate is stronger material, chrome plated and counter bored to accept 2 1/4" socket head bolts.


  • Stronger Adjuster Plate
  • Solid Adjuster Block To Eliminate Slop and Wall Crush
  • Prevent Swingarm Damage
  • Cleans Up Rear End
  • FITS 80' - 96' FLT / FXR Models

***NOTE: IF YOU SWING ARM IS DAMAGED OR MUSHROOMED IN. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING THE SHRED MOTO CO AXLE BLOCK TOOL. Use this tool to drive inside the swing arm back and forth to clearance minor damages for a smooth transition of the new block