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by EK


Premium motorcycle chain is Elegant, Strong, Detailed and Magnificent. It offers the ultimate shape with flexibility and strength. EK Chain set out to produce a premium chain that was as beautiful as it is strong. An impressive outer plate shape that offers a curved form to reduce weight and increase appeal is connected together with inner plates and pins that feature lightning holes to further reduce mass. QX2 X-Rings have a better wear-resistance and performance than standard QX-Rings by 30% resulting in a chain that puts 1% more power on the rear tire. 3D parts are precisely manufactured, leading to a greater improvement of transmission efficiency, better acceleration, and efficient engine work. Features an original special plate with a lightning hole. EK creates a hole on both ends of a pin to tighten the chain without weakening the plate according to computer analysis. The edge-cut inner plate reduces friction and realizes a smooth engagement with the sprocket. This plate enables the chain to be light, removes mud from the hole, and dissipates heat effectively.

  • Ultimate Plate Shape
  • The 3D-designed beautiful curved form is an evolutionary shape with various functions in the next generation
  • Astonishing Transmission Efficiency
  • 11,000 + LB Tensile Strength
  • Specifically Designed for high performance, high load applications
  • Smooth and powerful acceleration by excellent transmission performance
  • Bright Premium Chain
  • Nothing but EK Chain 3D design makes it possible to have an elegant form and everlasting beautiful light reflection
  • Slim Design with the Minimum Weight
  • Produced by EK Chain exclusive technology to strengthen a chain without making it heavy
  • Applying Brand-new Revolutionary Process of Manufacturing
  • Far better than standard chains in every aspect such as fatigue strength, product quality, and so on
  • Aiming for no Initial elongation
  • Reduced friction
  • Chromium carbide pin with lighten hole in the end
  • Inner plate with light hole
  • Improvement of transmission efficiency
  • Dimpled outer plate
  • QX-2 ring
  • MLJ rivet link
  • Extend the service life by dissipating heat
  • Helping reduce dirt and mud build-up
  • Sold in 120 links will work for most applications
  • Replacement Master links available (under link drop down)
  • MADE in Japan

3 colors available:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Chrome