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Twin Power voltage regulators (Chrome)

  • These electric regulators are a high quality replacement at an affordable price!
  • One year manufacture warranty

For black regulators click here!

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For any question regarding fitment email or give us a call at 602-788-0364

For more than 30 years since, Twin Power has remained a leader in aftermarket parts and accessories for American V-Twin bikes. The Twin Power line now covers everything from yesterday’s old school to tomorrow’s classics. From pistons for Ironhead Sportsters to high-tech lithium ion batteries, we have more performance parts for more applications than ever, tested in independent testing labs to ensure that they fit and work like they should.

Through it all, our philosophy has remained true: Twin Power is a brand by bikers, for bikers. If we won’t run it on our own rides, we won’t sell it to you






Fitment : 09'-16' FL 45-60A OEM:74505-09 (P Plug)06'-08' FL 45-60A OEM:74505-06 (P Plug)04'-05' FL OEM:74505-04 (N plug)02'-03' FL OEM:74505-02 (O plug)97'-01' FL OEM:74505-97 (G plug)89'-99' All except XL & EFI 32A OEM:74519-88 (D plug)81'-88' All models 22A OEM:74516-86 (C plug)76'-80' FL/FX 17.8A OEM:74512-79 (B plug)70'-75' FL/FX 15A OEM:74510-70 (A plug)65'-69' FL/FLH OEM:74510-64 (F plug)08'-17' FXST/FLST 40A OEM:74540-08 (P plug)07' FXST/FLST 40A OEM:74540-07 (K plug)01'-06' FXST/FLST (Exc FXSTD) 38A OEM:74540-01 (H plug)00' FXST/FLST 38A OEM:74512-00 (G plug)08'-17' FXD 40A OEM:74631-08 (P plug)04'-05' FXD 38A OEM:74631-04 (M plug)99'-03' FXD 32A OEM:74518-99 (G plug)09'-13' XL 32A OEM:74711-08 (J plug)07'-08' XL 32A OEM:74546-07 (J plug)04'-06' XL 22A OEM:74523-04 (I plug)94'-03' XL 22A OEM:74523-94 (I plug)L84'-90' XL 19A OEM:74523-84 (E plug)65'-77' XL OEM:74510-64 (F plug)