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Complete Stand Alone EFI Engine Management System (M8)

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NAMZ Complete Stand Alone M8 EFI System with exclusive, plug-n-play engine management harness, proprietary twist grip assembly & Thundermax ECM for M8 engines equipped with OEM (throttle-by-wire) throttle body part # 27300122 or aftermarket equivalent ONLY.

  • Intended for Race Purposes Only.
  • NAMZ will not ship any products that effect the emissions of a motor vehicle to the state of California. This includes and is not limited to replacement parts, competition parts, and/or off road use only parts. (Click here for Emissions Notice)
  • What this kit will provide:
    • This kit is intended to provide a complete stand-alone, Electronic Fuel Injection engine management system with throttle-by-wire for an M8 engine.
  • What this system will NOT do:
    • This system is ONLY for engine management! If you are building a custom bike, you will to purchase a complete bike wiring harness for all other normal functions like lighting, switches, gauges, etc.
    • This system WILL NOT provide cruise control whatsoever.
    • NOTE: This is a replica twist-grip and functions exactly like the OEM version.
  • What you will need:
    • This system is designed to work on an OEM throttle body, part # 27300122 or aftermarket equivalent on an M8 engine with crank position sensor ONLY.
    • A fuel tank with a Big Twin or XL fuel pump.
    • A non-CAN/Bus fuel gauge or speedometer with a built-in fuel gauge that can connect/read the fuel sending unit from your pump for a proper fuel reading.
    • OEM style ignition coil, (HD# 31600017) & speed sensor, (HD# 74402-05B).
    • There are (4) wires that need to be connected in the kit, 12+ power, ground, fuel pump and kill switch.
    • NOTE: Once you are ready to tune your ECM, direct all calls or emails directly to Thunderheart as they will service the ECM as they do for any of there other ECM kits.

Click here for instructions!