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  • Bare Knuckle Choppers 3.0 FXR/FLT Swingarm Bearing Conversion Kit is the BEST solution for rear-end stability on your 1980 - 2001 FXR and FLT touring application.
  • Trash those stock bushing assemblies and replace them with sealed BALL BEARINGS, a unique spacing kit, and Your OEM Pivot Shaft (Pivot Shaft Pictured But NOT included). 
  • Use of ball bearings eliminates stiction, allowing you full utilization of performance suspension, as well as termination of “rear steer”.
  • Four ball bearing assemblies offers far superior static and dynamic load characteristics and eliminates need for service and avoids seal issues
  • Comes with necessary spacers, ball bearings, Loctite, installation depth gauge and instructions
  • Significantly tightens up the feel of the bike!
  • 100% Made in the USA.
  • We recommend replacing your pivot shaft and cleave block/swingarm rubbers. Both are available here at Ramjet Racing.