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Yost has been making great performance parts for all Harley Davidson model stock and aftermarket carburetors for years! Stock CV carburetors have a small plug on the bottom backside of the carburetor that caps off access to the idle/air mixture screw. When doing any upgrades, tuning, or performance work, having access to that is imperative. 

This kit includes a screw to help remove the plug along with a new spring, washer, O-ring, and most importantly a new screw. The stock small screw is inboard of the body and requires a tiny flat head screwdriver. Replace it with the Yost screw which is longer and knurled to make adjustments easy and capable of being done on the fly! 

  • Knurled and slotted head for easy adjustment
  • Includes brass or stainless-steel screw, O-ring, washer, and spring
  • Made in the U.S.A