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Looking to order some Race Tech internals, or a set of shocks? You're making the right choice, Race Tech suspension is completely tailored to you and your ride, making your experience nothing but the best.

When ordering Race Tech product from our website, we just have a few questions for you to help calculate how to properly spring and set the suspension you are getting. If you read below, here is typically what we will ask you:



Answer (Model & Year) : 

2. Rider weight? 

Answer (in lbs) : 

3. Passenger or heavy luggage/gear OVER 50% of the time? 

Answer: YES or NO

4. IF YES to first question please provide additional weight for passenger or gear.

Answer (in lbs) :


However, if you want a more finite breakdown, click the following link below to be sent directly to Race Tech's website to use the suspension calculator! This way you can get the best idea of the spring rate necessary.


When using Race Tech's spring rate calculator, here are the options we always recommend for the average rider:

If you have any questions or concerns using the calculator, feel free to give us a call!


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