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Rebuffini has invested in the best technology, high-quality precision CNC machining, durability, and reliability tests, to obtain an extraordinary product in performance and beauty.

The outstanding rigidity and the responsive braking feeling are perfect for V-Twins enthusiasts alike.

Brake calipers from most manufacturers are an axial design, therefore at the moment of braking, especially on ABS models, they tend to expand and rob you of braking power.
There are substantial differences that the tests carried out have found.
Only the Rebuffini caliper, fixed with 4 screws in a radial fashion, allows for the perfect rigidity and the best braking performance.

  • Multiple fixed points guarantee maximum rigidity, excellent for ABS models. And with the 4 ø32 mm stainless steel pistons, allows for the best heat dissipation.
  • The dust shields permit to protect the pistons from dust and dirt, so the oil seals have a long life, and the pistons work correctly for long time.
  • Most aftermarket calipers have only the oil seals. Only the best calipers have both.
  • The rebuffini brake caliper is equipped with sintered pads and is compatible with a wide range of pads.

Rebuffini products are a normal stocking item at Ramjet Racing, but we sell out frequently. If your product is out of stock, please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery due to production in Italy, customer demand, and the current shipping environment. Please call our shop at (602) 788-0364 to verify product availability if you need it by a certain timeframe.